Title: The Trystero Collection: Books 4 - 6

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Series: Trystero #C2
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Pages: 700

An ancient, dark power looms in the depths of space, ready to awake and destroy.

Life for Drake Rose was never the same after discovering an alien baby aboard an abandoned freighter ship. An ancient alien force rumbles through his mind while the Terran people ignore the crew of the Trystero's warnings about dangers of this newfound technology.

The misguided attempts of anti-alien Terrans to create a fleet of powerful warships to control not just Terran space, but the whole galaxy puts both races in danger, and it's again up to Drake, Valencia and the crew of the Trystero to restore peace and balance amidst the chaos.

Don't miss the explosive final chapters of the Trystero series, where the crew is tested like never before, making unlikely alliances in the face of utter destruction.

This bundle includes:

Severed Galaxy

Smashed Hopes

Cracked Palace