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Book 0: Endigo

Follow Valencia Vasquez’s first adventure aboard the ship now known as the Trystero, where she’s in over her head on a dangerous mission delivering weapons to the Gra’al.

Book 1: Broken Ascension

In the aftermath of a brutal galactic war, humans and aliens must learn to coexist — but when artist Drake joins the crew of the Trystero, their discovery of an abandoned alien infant could shatter the fragile peace.

Book 2: Fractured Sentinel

After a violent battle destroyed the surface of planet Thuul, Valencia and the crew of the Trystero must search for a ship’s missing cargo and defend themselves against a mysterious alien vessel. They have no room for error in this thrilling sci-fi adventure!

Book 3: Shattered Lineage

In the wake of the destruction of Thuul, a new threat arises from within the Gra’al Empire. This prince’s world was shattered and the best revenge is to continue his father’s work and spark another war with the humans.

Book 4: Severed Galaxy

Drake and Valencia are coping with their powers and place in the galaxy while a violent brand of extremism is on the rise on Terra, threatening to disturb the peace and destroy the galaxy.

Book 5: Smashed Hopes

All powers come with a cost, and for Drake and Valencia, that cost has been their ability to connect with others like they could before. Drake realizes the more they use their powers, the more danger they put the whole galaxy in, and that it could be too late to fix it.

Book 6: Cracked Palace

The thrilling conclusion to the Trystero series. There’s no stopping the ancient alien threat that is the Void. Drake’s deal with the Void Inquisitor threatens to tear him apart while Valencia and the crew chase down clues left by Drake in hopes they can stop the Void before the galaxy is destroyed.

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