Purchasing from my site is quick, painless and your ebook will come in two formats: .epub and .mobi.

If you have a Kindle device you’ll need the .mobi, if you read anywhere else, on any other device, the .epub will have you covered.

After ordering from my store you’ll get two emails in short order: a confirmation email from me (dave@dvewlsh.com) and your book(s) from BookFunnel (help@bookfunnel.com). That email will contain a link to a landing page with a big button that says “Get My Copy.”

From there, you pick what device you’re using.

If you need some help from there, BookFunnel’s customer service is the best around. On that same landing page there’s a link on the top right that says “need help?” Clicking that will get you to them and they’ll help you troubleshoot any issues you’re having.

If you run into any issues with the books themselves, feel free to reach out to me.