The Andlios Trilogy.

This has been an incredibly interesting last few months here.

I started off this year hammering out short stories in an attempt to get myself back into shape and maybe set my sights lower. I’d write a few short stories, get them published, go from there.

That all changed in a hurry and since then I’ve been working almost non-stop to not just make a stab at indie publishing again, but to really make this work. Cydonia Rising was more-or-less completed back in 2015, I just had to take a break for the reasons I outlined in my earlier post.

Powering through Ganymede’s Gate was perhaps the boost that I needed to remind me about how fun and fulfilling writing can be. The feedback that I’ve received for it thus far is nothing less than amazing and I’m really excited to get it out there and into your hands.

Of course, there’s no rest when it comes to this stuff. Right now I’m about 50 pages deep into the first book in a new series that I plan on launching some time early next year. If everything works out I’ll have another three books for everyone in early 2020 before I circle back to Andlios.

Remember that you can pick up Terminus Cycle right now for $3.99 on Amazon. If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber you can read it for free as a part of your subscription.

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