All is not right with the galaxy.

Enter Anarchy’s Edge.

You know that if you’ve been following along with the Andlios series, with a focus on humanity sitting in two places across the galaxy from each other.

On one side sits Andlios, primed to elect their first democratically-elected leader, even if the candidate in the lead has a shadowy history. Back in the birthplace of humanity, the dominion of the Earth Ministry, a lone mining outpost called Khonsu is creating a society in contrast to the Ministry’s oppressive regime, but for how long?

For Trella, the galaxy has become a more isolated place and it’s unclear where she belongs. The woman she loved has passed on and her options are to continue exploring her humanity or recede into her shell.

For Katrijn, she’s fulfilled her promise to her father, but at what cost? Aimless and without purpose, Katrijn must find what leaders do after relinquishing their power for the good of the people. Of course Jace isn’t doing much better, having seen the strands of time and space only to give those up to save the people he loves.

And Loren, well… Loren is getting by like he always does, just older, slower and with a bad shoulder. He’s at ground zero on Khonsu Station and when the Ministry comes knocking he’s not about to give up without a fight, even if that fight looks like nothing he’s ever done before.

Anarchy’s Edge, book four of the Andlios series is set for a March 30th, 2021 release. You can pre-order the book now, either directly from me, or on [most] storefronts (Google Play is forthcoming).

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