Just wanted to provide a short update on here for those of you not subscribed to my newsletter.

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My loose plans were to be done with INTERGALACTIC BASTARD by the end of this month, have it cleaned up and ready to be released in early 2022 as a finished book and, in the process, begin work on TRYSTERO 5.

It’s been a year since the release of Severed Galaxy and I’ve had enough of a break to have a good feel for returning to the series. The plan is still to get working on TRYSTERO 5 as soon as I can, I’ve just reached a snag.

Over the summer I injured my back. With rest and care it got better. Well, sort of. Until it caused a problem with my leg. IT Band Syndrome and repetitive motion injury to be precise. This has been incredibly painful, perhaps one of the most painful injuries I’ve ever had to deal with and has limited a lot of what I can do right now.

Trying to sit at my desk, for example, is something I’ve been unable to do for the better part of a month now. Where I was previously churning out two episodes a week of INTERGALACTIC BASTARD, I’m at about one a week, if that.

While I deal with physical therapy and everything else going on right now, I came up with a solution to keep providing my Patreon subscribers with promised updates while I’m considerably slowed down. That was to take a book I had released under a pen name previously and serialize it.

You can read ENDSMOUTH: THE TOWER on my Patreon right now, with the full chapters (with some reworks) released via my Patreon, those same chapters broken down into smaller episodes on Royal Road.

I’m also still releasing episodes of INTERGALACTIC BASTARD via Royal Road as well. As always, early on my Patreon.

Your support as I’m dealing with this is always welcomed.

Thanks for understanding.

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