Broken Ascension Launch
Broken Ascension Launches Jan 28!

Yep. On January 28th, my own 37th birthday, my next series—Trystero—will be launching with the release of Broken Ascension.

So what exactly is Trystero? Even typing that makes me laugh, which I guess is a large part of this equation for me. The Trystero is a broken down old freighter operating on the fringes of human-occupied space that borders with an alien race.

Fresh off of a long, bloody conflict between the Terrans and the Gra’al, the crew of the Trystero take jobs in the Demilitarized Zone—both human and alien—as long as the job pays. Lugging cargo from point A to point B? Yep. Transporting someone with no questions asked? Sure. Finding a derelict ship or two for some legal salvage? Always. Well, until they find something they shouldn’t have on a Gra’al ship full of dead bodies.

That always complicates things, doesn’t it?

To say that life won’t be the same for Drake Rose and the rest of the crew of the Trystero is an understatement.

This series has been a lot of fun to work on. I get to explore a lot of the stuff that’s important to me right now, where Andlios was a lot of my older ideas and while I plan on capping that series off in the future, working on something new has been, well, exciting.

I get to dip into stuff that I’ve always wanted to explore with new characters, problems and conflicts. I also get to work within the old sci-fi niche of the crew of rogues a la Firefly and others.

You can pre-order Broken Ascension right now on Amazon Kindle.

So let’s start 2020 off with a bang, right?

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