Celestial StoryBundle.

A few months back I tossed my hat into the ring to join a StoryBundle. It was something that had eluded me throughout my career and I’d always wanted to take part in. In a way, it felt like a monolithic process. How do you even get into those things, anyway? Turns out, you just gotta be looking in the right places and have the right book.

The rise of StoryBundle coincided with the game site, HumbleBundle, in an age of the Internet where things were just a tad more innocent and exciting. It’s a site that packs together similar ebooks and sells them for a decent discount while also donating some of the proceeds to charity. When I heard I was picked for one, I thought, “cool, this will be a new experience.”

Then, as the process got closer, it became evident there are a lot of really great authors in this bundle. In fact, it was a cross-section of a few different eras of science fiction leading up into the modern indie era. When I saw the final graphics of who was included I couldn’t help but feel excited. If you know me, you know I don’t get excited about a lot. In my author career I’ve done a lot of things, and most of my excitement has been tempered by reality.

This, though? This I’m still excited over.

You can pick this bundle up from now until May 5th.

It’s pay-what-you-want for the first four books (Cydonia Rising included), but $20 or more gets you the entire 11 book set, which is really why we’re here. That includes unlocked books by Timothy Zahn, Wesley Dean Smith, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, David Gerrold, Ron Collins, Craig Martelle and Jeannette Bedard.

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