The holiday season is in full swing, as I’m typing this on Black Friday, a day that became a holiday in the west to celebrate the official beginning of the holiday shopping season. As always, I have complicated feelings about that, which I’m accentuating by placing my Andlios series on sale until January 2nd.

That means now until January 2nd you can pick up discounted ebooks for this series and really get into the holiday season by exploring topics like power structures, capitalism, imperialism and more!

Cydonia Rising, normally $2.99 is $0.99.

Ganymede’s Gate, normally $4.99 is $3.99.

Monolith’s End, normally $4.99 is $3.99.

Anarchy’s Edge, normally $4.99 is $3.99.

Terminus Cycle, normally $3.99 is $2.99.

The Andlios Collection: Books 1 – 3, normally $9.99 is $8.99.

Enjoy your holiday season!

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