Starting today until June 3rd, 2020, you can pick up Broken Ascension as a part of the massive 20Book Pack: Space Opera for just $10. That’s 50¢ per book and one of the best deals around.

Here’s the breakdown of the books available.

  1. Mirror of Stone by Corie J Weaver
  2. Buffalito Contingency by Lawrence M. Schoen
  3. Broken Ascension by Dave Walsh
  4. Formidable by Christopher J. Valin
  5. Fortunes of the Star Sloth by P.A. Tebbe
  6. Planet Hell by Joshua James
  7. Lightwave: Clocker by AM Scott
  8. Kill Order (Cerberus Book 0) by Andy Peloquin
  9. Velocity Rising by Angie Arland
  10. The Flight of the Kingfisher by Chloe Garner
  11. How I Saved a Planet! by Stephen Quatro
  12. Before the Shattered Gates of Heaven: Shattered Gates Volume 1 by Bryan S Glosemeyer
  13. Seeds of Gaia by Rick Partlow
  14. The Human Experiment by Craig Martelle & Kevin McLaughlin
  15. Lost Solace by Karl Drinkwater
  16. Jailbreak by R.M. Olson
  17. The Sculpted Ship by K. M. O’Brien
  18. Of Sporks, Overlords, and Moonworms by Ethan Freckleton
  19. Alpha Centauri by Lisa Richman and M.D. Cooper
  20. The Galaxy Chronicles by Samuel Peralta

So head over to this link to check out this limited time offer.