I just released another book. That’s not something that I thought I’d be doing again for a long, long time. In truth, getting these two books prepared and released has been a ton of work. I’m already most of the way through the first draft of another book in a new series, too. 

Having twins while doing all of this, while my wife is in school (again) on top of her working full-time has been not just challenging, but almost impossible. I can’t lie, almost every free moment I’ve had since the summer has been working. Sometimes I’ll put a show on my left screen while I’m working on stuff on the other, but I’m still mostly working. 

This year I’ve learned a lot about book marketing. When I say a lot I mean a lot. The book business is as complicated as it ever has been and the wild west of the Kindle store is over, now it’s all about who is prepared and willing to do as much work as humanly possible to sell books. It’s cost me any of my leisure time, really, and there are definitely times when I wish I could just slow down a bit, but over the next year I’m looking to do as much as I can to make this work. That means more books, more emails and more time studying everything from release strategies to reading what else is out there. 


Cydonia Rising is out. It’s the second book in the Andlios series, with the third, Ganymede’s Gate, coming out on October 15th. Depending on how these books do, the series will continue next year. If people love these and buy them, it’ll be another 2-3 books. If not I’ll release one more to wrap up things as neatly as I can and move on. 

Cydonia Rising is a lot better than Terminus Cycle, which I actually just went through and fixed up a lot of the older, more glaring issues in it. That means that the dialogue has been cleaned up and some of the plot points that I felt weren’t quite right have been stitched up as well. Cydonia Rising, from all of the feedback that I’ve received, is a better book. Ganymede’s Gate is also a better book. I’m just happy to keep improving and releasing work that I can be proud of, instead of releasing and sitting around worrying if I’m just adding to the garbage heaps of books that are released every day on the Kindle store.

These books aren’t that, in fact, they’re really good and I’m extremely happy about that. I can’t wait for you to read these books and give me some feedback on them. 

So you can pick up the ebook of Cydonia Rising here.

The paperback is here.

In addition, Terminus Cycle has been updated, so if you need a refresher and already own the ebook you can fall down that well again and hopefully note that it’s a much stronger book now. The paperback has also been updated, so, sorry if you own the paperback, you can snag the Matchbook (Amazon’s ebook program if you already have the paperback) if you own the paperback for $0.99. 

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