These are exciting times. Why? Because I have released the third Andlios Book today; Ganymede’s Gate. After originally publishing Terminus Cycle back in 2015, the plan was to release Cydonia Rising within that year. Life got in the way and I didn’t release Cydonia Rising until last month.

The good news? That I followed it up immediately with Ganymede’s Gate.

Thank you all for the support that you’ve shown me and for those of you that kept on me during the years I didn’t publish asking for the second book.

The Andlios series is not complete just yet, although I enjoy where Ganymede’s Gate leaves everyone. You will see more books in the series in 2020, and a new series launching in January to help space things out.

Terminus Cycle is also on sale right now—for a limited time—for just $0.99. If you haven’t jumped in yet this is the perfect opportunity to get started.

As always, my books are available in Kindle Unlimited, which means free with your subscription. If you read Terminus Cycle years ago and want to jump back in, re-reading through KU is the perfect way, especially since I’ve given it a refresh recently.

You can purchase the Kindle version of Ganymede’s Gate, and the paperback version today.

You can also purchase the entire series through this link.