It’s uhh… been a while since I’ve updated my dear blog here.

Most of my updates end up on my newsletter, which has been going out twice a month and will go out again on Tuesday. Hint hint if you haven’t subscribed already. You get a free book out of it!

INTERGALACTIC BASTARD is live and in the wild. You can purchase it from your favorite storefront in ebook and paperback, hardcover from Barnes & Noble, or you can buy from me.

On top of this, my editor is doing the final pass on Trystero 5: Smashed Hopes right now, which will be released on May 6th. Right now it’s available for pre-order as an ebook. When I have the final version back in my hands I’ll have the paperback pre-order up.

On top of that, I’ve got some pre-orders up for Trystero 6: Cracked Palace, the final book in the Trystero series. I don’t have a solid release date on this one yet, so for the moment it says December 31st. This means I have to actually write this one, too. But, my guess is it’ll be released some time in the summer.

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