When I need to, I can be pretty swift.

The truth is? I love INTERGALACTIC DEATHMATCH. It’s super fun to write and I really feel like those of you that read it will love it. It’s also the kind of story that will get lost in the shuffle on a place like Amazon, especially when they require somewhat exclusivity and control over how I can market my work, where I can market it and how.

So I launched a new Patreon page for INTERGALACTIC DEATHMATCH.

I was on vacation until Saturday evening, where I got home, took my story down from their broken new system and registered for a Patreon page, waiting an agonizing 24 hours before I got the go-ahead to go live. Now, it’s live.


The first reward tier is just $2 USD a month, and with it comes a 10% discount off of my store for ebooks. Second tier includes a 20% off discount and ebook copies of INTERGALACTIC DEATHMATCH as they happen. The plan right now is for each individual story arc to be contained into a single ebook. This leaves room for a multitude of ebooks down the line, depending on how long we all want this to keep going. The third tier includes all of that, 30% discount and a paperback copy of those collections each time they happen.

The plan for now is to release new episodes weekly. Considering I’ve got another five just about ready to go and I’m really enjoying writing this, I can keep going for a while now.

So check out my Patreon page and pick the reward tier that works best for you.

I’ll be looking into serialized reading apps as well moving forward, but for now? The best place to read INTERGALACTIC DEATHMATCH and support me is via my Patreon.

If Patreon isn’t your speed, I also set up a Substack.

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