UPDATE: Nope. Kindle Vella isn’t for me. Just nope. I’ll have more about the launch of INTERGALACTIC DEATHMATCH soon. Under much better circumstances.

While I’m taking a bit of a sabbatical from my series for the time being to collect myself, I’ve still got that itch to write more pulp. That’s a good thing, right?

Amazon launched their Kindle Vella platform this week, and it’s still unclear what this will be. What’s clear to me is I’m enjoying writing my new story, INTERGALACTIC DEATHMATCH, going at a nice, leisurely pace and writing something super fun.

The premise is a melding of a lot of things I know and love. It’s far-future sci-fi, crawling with all sorts of wild-looking aliens, cyberpunk aesthetics and baked into it is my love for pro-wrestling, more specifically deathmatch wrestling.

You can check out the first three episodes on Kindle Vella right now if you live inside the United States. If you do, you can read it via your browser or the iOS Kindle app on Apple devices. I’m technically on vacation right now, but when I’m back home I’m going to look into further options for distribution as Vella, well, I’m not really sure it’s great! Maybe it will be fine, who knows.

Vella operates via tokens, like other app-based reading platforms do. $2 gets you 200 tokens and each episode is around 10 tokens. Oh, and Amazon is giving away 200 tokens to readers for a limited time. Don’t worry, I’m not paid for those at all, either. Sad trombone. Bezos in space, baby!

Like I said, I’ll be looking into expanded distribution, be it other reading apps, a Patreon, Substack or something similar. Can’t let Amazon be Amazon.

What I can tell you is INTERGALACTIC DEATHMATCH is awesome.

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