Things have slowed down a bit this week, which I’m fine with.

I had a short story purchased by a market. It wasn’t a pro or even a semi-pro market, but hey, that’s fine. I’ll post it when it’s up. About two days ago, I started a new short story and was able to blaze through the first draft of it in a day, then did a lot of tinkering with it yesterday and got it into a good place. When inspiration hits, you gotta follow that thread, I suppose.

I’m still torn between returning to what I’ll lovingly call the “Bomb book” or if I should work on my cyberpunk noir indie book. Or… the Twin Peaks meets 90s local yokel pro wrestling. Or just nothing. Who knows?

Before bed I finished reading Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, which I enjoyed. It wasn’t an all-time favorite, but it was great. This morning I finished playing Saturday Edition for Playdate, and it lived up to my expectations. That was the game I was really looking forward to when I got my Playdate and was pretty bummed I had to wait 8 weeks due to how their “seasons” work, but it was worth the wait. Absolutely the best game on the Playdate other than Casual Birder and Bloom.

I’ve also been catching up on some wrestling stuff. AEW is in a real ditch right now, creatively speaking, so I’m not really engaging too much with that. El Hijo de Doctor Wagner Jr. vs. Manabu Soya was a banger of a match from NOAH and I still haven’t caught the Mutoh retirement show yet. The NJPW US show was fine, with only Eddie Kingston vs. Jay White standing out amongst the crowd.

There’s a new DDT show up, so I’m gonna watch that and try to write some more.

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