Today felt like one of those “do or die” moments for the project I’ve been working on. Since the weather has gotten remarkably nicer this week, I did some dictation while doing yard work yesterday, then edited everything down and slapped it into the manuscript. Since I’ve reached the 25,000 word point, I slowed down and re-read the whole thing and see if this is a viable project or not.

If you’ve never known a novelist before, we’re weird creatures and we abandon or shelve projects all the time. This project I’m working on right now? It was a shelved project that I came back to and am really happy with. How much so? I stumbled upon this old blog I created back in 2008 intending to serialize a story about a pro wrestler. For whatever reason, I scrapped that project, but am sampling from it for this one.

You can read that here. It’s fun! Way better than I remember it being, too.

This project is a lot different, but I’m taking some of the characters and whatever else from the original.

Like I said, we’re strange creatures and ideas never truly die with us. They evolve, change and become something more.

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