When it comes to sharing my thoughts and whatever I’ve been up to, I’m not usually super into it. Part of the reason is that days blend together.

Every morning I make the same breakfast; 75grams of protein pancake mix with water, 1 serving of butter and 1/4th serving of syrup (have you seen how much syrup they think is a serving?!), put on a pot of coffee and have somewhere in the realm of two large cups, or four normal-sized cups with some oat milk creamer. All of this is about 550 calories.

I do this every day. It’s not because I’m boring (maybe I am, I don’t know), but because I like these things. It keeps me full until the late afternoon, gives me enough energy to get through my day and get stuff done, and you know, I’m not miserable eating it like I can be with other stuff that’s full of protein, good fat and not overflowing with calories and sugar.

On top of this, most of my days revolve around writing and my kids.

My wife said goodbye at 6:30 while she headed off for work, informing me of the litany of things she got started and I have to finish. My alarm went off at 6:41 and Kid 2 asked for chocolate milk (he does this every day). Kid 1 said he needed nothing. Looked up the school lunch and Kid 1 likes hot dogs, Kid 2 wanted me to make him a lunch today. So, I made them lunches, made sure their bags were packed, they got clothes on, found their shoes (grumble), got them into the car, dropped off at school and I came home to where I started breakfast and watering the backyard and various plants.

Exciting, right?

I’m working on a novel I shelved last year and came back to with at least a hopefully clearer mind. The other night before bed, I had this really amazing idea for a new opening page and had to write it, which pushed me to realize I needed to rework a ton of it. So, a complete draft of a book at 76,000 words has turned into a salvage project where I’m writing new passages and taking the good parts from the previous draft. In just a few days, I’m back at 22,000 words and hopefully I’m able to move pretty quickly through this, as I have a much better idea of what this book should be now.

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