The big thing about being a writer is that you should, in theory, like to read books. I’m not gonna rant about how there are plenty of “authors” out in the wild that don’t seem to care about the artistry or even basic craft in lieu of business. Because I’d go on and on and on and on and… ah shit, sorry.


Bookshop is running a sale for Independent Bookstore Day and if you haven’t gotten out to your local independent bookstore this weekend, just can’t, or don’t have one, no sweat. Your purchases from Bookshop help raise money for local bookstores (or dorks like me), which is pretty rad. This sale means no shipping costs. Let’s be real, one of the allures of Big River is paying a flat rate for shipping up front and then getting “Free PRIME” shipping all year, on top of other perks. Considering Big River doesn’t seem to care about losing money as long as shareholder value increases, nobody can really compete with that.

Bookshop runs sales like this sparingly, so if you’ve been waiting to make a purchase of a book you can’t find locally or just don’t want to buy from Amazon, now’s a great time to do so.

Look, I’m not gonna tell you what to buy, but if that so happens to include expanding on your library of d.w. novels, I’m not gonna tell you not to. In fact, you should. You can find those books here.

In addition, I’ve got a list of some of my favorite books on there as well.

Just today I went ahead and bought a few books I read over the last few years (libraries!) and want on my shelf forever.

That includes the following:

Desert Creatures by Kay Chronister. You can check out my five-star review of it on BookBub.

Velvet Was the Night by Silvia Moreno Garcia. The author of Mexican Gothic reinvents herself constantly, and this taut neo-noir about the Mexican Dirty War is tremendous.

Hurricane Season by Fernanda Melchor. This is a difficult, angry book about a lot of things that I can’t recommend enough. For me, it’s a must-own. Read my five-star review.

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