That's a tree. On a hill. In New Mexico in Spring 2023.

I’ve been relatively quiet these last few weeks while I return to one of my WIPs I’ve lovingly just labeled “the bomb book.”

My wife and I have started to go on [mostly] daily hikes these last two weeks and it’s been really nice. I’m not the type of person who’s ever really been super excited about the idea of hiking, and coming from the Northeast, I’m not a big outdoors person. I’ve always liked the ocean, mostly because that’s where I grew up and the ocean was always close enough to just visit in some downtime. Out here? Not really. We’ve got mountains, rocks, dirt, cacti and, well, you get it.

But, it’s been surprisingly nice.

It looks like we’re gonna go on another one here soon enough.

On top of that, I’ve been playing the new Zelda game this week (don’t ask), and it’s one helluva experience. As someone who liked Breath of the Wild considerably, but ran out of steam after a few temples, this game feels different and more “complete.”

Speaking of complete, you know my Trystero series is complete, right? And you can buy all of ’em?

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