Right now, it’s difficult to explain how I’m feeling.

I suppose there’s some malaise involved. The sixth book of my Trystero series is out, all editions I’m capable of creating are out (read: I can’t afford audiobooks and they take a long time to self-produce), and I’ve got another project started, I’m just not in the mood to work on it. It happens.

Instead, today was more queries sent into the abyss in an attempt to get a different novel project in motion. I hadn’t queried agents in a long time, so the process took a while to get back into, and I’m not sure I’ll ever quite find it anything but tedious. On top of that, my crit group’s feedback was all in on a short story I’ve been working on, so I did some revisions, edits and cleaning up on that story. Instead of firing it off for submission, I’m going to let it cool off for a few days. Right now, I’ve got one story on hold with a pro market and another three out.

It snowed last night, which meant by this afternoon it was gone thanks to the New Mexico sun, but it was too windy for the kids to stick around at the park after school. Instead, they came home and have been devouring all the candy they got at school for Valentine’s Day.

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