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"Dynamic, Well-Constructed Sci-Fi" - Brian J. Dsouza

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Here's What Others Are Saying About the Andlios Series!

Book 0.5: The Cymage

Head back in time to the planet Andlios before the arrival of the starship Omega Destiny from Earth and learn about the creation of the mysterious race called the “Cymages” and how their conflict began with the Krigans.

Book 1: Cydonia Rising

The Emperor of the galaxy has fallen, slain at the hands of his own son.

Now, forced into exile, his daughter Katrijn is tasked with an impossible mission: restore order to the Andlios Republic by dethroning her brother and freeing the people of Andlios.

Easier said than done, right?

Book 2: Ganymede's Gate

They were stranded, far from home. Their mission to restore order a failure.


What happens when the formerly divided two sides of humanity clash directly? Follow our heroes as they blast across the galaxy in search of answers.

Book 3: Monolith's End

The Empress took the galaxy for herself at the cost of her humanity.

Is there any saving her? That’s left up to her best friend and former lover, Trella, while Katrijn, Loren, Jace and the others fight to keep humanity from unraveling.

Things get pretty trippy.

Book 4: Anarchy's Edge

Deep in the heart of the galaxy, an ancient, banished for lays in wait.

Unbound by previous shackles, Trella’s life has transformed completely. But where does she belong? Through the gate, at Khonsu Station, an uprising looks to unseat power on both ends of the galaxy.

Can the revolution hold strong?

Andlios Legends: Terminus Cycle

Before Katrijn set out to save the galaxy, her father lived with hopes of touching a planet for the first time.

An expedition set out from Earth in search of a new home for these settlers, only to make a shocking discovery.

Before the Andlios Republic, Andlios lay in ruins. Follow Jonah Freeman and Captain Peter O’Neil on their quest to find the planet Omega… or should we call it Andlios?

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