I feel kind of bad that I haven’t put a blog entry up over in a month now, but then again, I’ve been pretty busy and I’m sure that everyone understands it. At least I hope. Maybe. Who knows? Yeah.

Terminus Cycle was released on March 24th and here I sit on June 1st after it has been out for two months now. There are some good things to take away from the experience and some bad things, just like anything else. Some people really love it, some people like it, other people it didn’t connect with. That is part of what comes with the territory of releasing something to the public.

Like with anything else that I do, I’ve learned a lot from this experience and there are a lot of new tricks in my bag for the next book along with a few things that I know to avoid like the plague. I did a few things in Terminus Cycle that were different and some were effective while others fell flat or detracted from the rest of the book. Part of what is exciting about the whole thing is that I know that I’m continually getting better at what I do and while I might see something in Terminus Cycle that I’m not happy with or proud of, I know that I’ve done it better in my current work.

Over the past month I’ve had my share of doubts, concerns, ups, downs, insults and praise, so much so that it is a bit dizzying at times. What I’ve learned is that it simply needs to be taken in stride. If someone says something either good or bad and it comes from an honest place it can usually be picked out from the sea of hyperbole. Granted, the hyperbole can also be humiliating or ego-stroking, it’s just hard to really glean much from it other than shrugging it off.

All that I can do is thank everyone for reading Terminus Cycle and for the support. Even to those that didn’t want to support me, I thank you as well. Writing is an interesting journey and I’m happy that I’m taking it. I’m excited about what’s coming next and really can’t wait to ramp things up and really, hopefully bring my best into the world.

I’m revising my release schedule a bit and will hopefully have the follow-up to Terminus Cycle out soon, but all that I’ll say for certain is that it will be out before the end of the year. I really want to make sure that it’s as tight as it can be before I release it to the public.