The Trystero Series

I’ve detailed this in an email to my newsletter subscribers already (which, if you don’t subscribe, it’s a good idea to do so), but I wanted to also be pretty clear everywhere about my plans for the forthcoming weeks.

My first book I published was before Amazon launched their Kindle Unlimited subscription service, my second after. For a long time I toyed with going back and forth between being in the program and not. Honestly, there were years where I didn’t really pay much attention at all. I was busy. When I was reading up on returning to the indie publishing scene in 2019 it seemed very clear: get my books into the program, push out more books and keep going until things keep building. So… I did. I released six books in about ten months time and saw how Amazon was working. I saw how things went up, I saw how they fell down without a stream of new releases. 

COVID happened and, well, it’s hard to know how much of an impact it made, but I definitely noticed patterns in my releases, income and readerships through that time. It was enough data to tell me that I needed to do something new at some point. That meant either committing to releasing a new book a month, which, while taking care of two four-year-old boys while my wife does her clinicals and works full time isn’t feasible, never mind I’d burn out after a few years, or try something else. 

The Andlios Series

I’ve met and spoke with a lot of great readers who are KU die-hards in that year’s time, but noticed a motif: “This isn’t like what I usually read, but I loved it anyway.” Now, look, I’ll always admit that my books aren’t exactly like the bestsellers and top books in KU. I did make adjustments to make them more palatable and marketable, I did choose my genre to what works, but they still aren’t quite the same. 

So while I’m mulling over my next book and in which series it’ll continue (or start), I’m going to take this opportunity to slowly peel my books from Kindle Unlimited and place them on other storefronts. Why? Because I’ve spent months now studying how that works, how the readerships differ, how expectations differ and so on. Comparing my work to other authors writing similar style books, I believe now is the perfect time to test it out. I’ll be talking more about this in the coming weeks and months. 

What this means for you if you do read a bulk of your books via Kindle Unlimited and haven’t read some of mine yet? You can add them to your library now, read them either now or later, they’re yours to read until you check them back in.

As always, thanks to everyone sticking by me and don’t forget to check out my books and leave reviews. It always helps.

PS: If you’re looking to save some space in your library, the Trystero Collection features all three books.