Been an interesting last few days, but most of it has to do with kids, snow and other stuff.

The kids started their spring break, which means—of course—it’s snowing out. I’ve been mellowing out on work because of this, and even taking an occasional break to do something I want to do, which is nice.

There’s a Steam sale right now (pro-tip, go to and look a game up, other places can be cheaper) and I [finally] snagged the Miles Morales game, which is a ton of fun. I’m about 1/3rd of the way through and lemme say, as fun as it is, it’s really something that all these superhero properties seem obsessed with painting activists and corporate paramilitaries as a “both sides” situation. Maybe it’ll get better, but thus far the vibes are “this game is diverse and cool” while painting the diverse and cool people who care about stuff as assholes.

I’ve been reading “Go Home, Ricky” by Gene Kwak and it’s not just a good book, it’s a fantastic book.

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