Painting of a shoreside city at sun down.

March! Yeah, I don’t really know what to say about March other than it’s getting super windy here. We went to the movies on Sunday to see the new Ant-Man (ugh, I know, but the kids like it) and about 30 minutes in the power went out due to the windstorm. That means we need to go back at some point and finish it, using those passes.

We’ve lost our internet about three times since then this week, which has been fun as the kids grasp EVERYTHING uses the internet. I’ve been on a bit of an exploration streak when it comes to writing and returned to an older project I’d set aside. No, I’ll never learn with writing fiction about pro wrestlers, I fear. That’s fine, though. It’s a weird book but I’m enjoying writing it.

Yesterday was the day I could finally tackle repairing my wife’s laptop, and it’s back in working order. Who knew a random Acer we got at Costco had an M.2 NVME drive crammed in there? I sure didn’t. Once I realized this, it was pretty easy to fix, and her computer is working as good as new again. On top of that, I did our taxes, which is always one of the worst days of the year! Joy.

Today I have a new story published on Every Day Fiction named “Bright Future.” You should check it out. Yep, it has the same name as the wonderful collective I’m a part of ( and are in the process of, you know, making that site functional.

In addition, it’s my Patreon short story drop day as well. Head to to check out the ~two~ shorts I shared today and will go behind the paywall after a week.

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