Boy I uhh… President’s Day happened, I guess.

One of the little dudes was sick from Wednesday on, which included him tripping and cutting his gums (?!?!), although we did get to go to the Zoo on Monday, which was sorta nice. Sort of. He wasn’t feeling 100% yet and complained and acted up a lot.

Six-year-olds are not the greatest at handling being sick and hurt and that’s just the way he deals with it, although it’s incredibly difficult to deal with.

I started writing a new short today, which was good. I was fiddling around with a little detective game on the Playdate console (Saturday Edition) and got a great idea for a dystopian riff that would fit perfectly into a short story. Today was just a sort of brutal day of form rejections on the querying front, which is fine. Sort of.

The process of querying to find a literary agent is so strange.

This weekend I mulled over returning to another project I’d shelved for a while, although I’m still not sure yet. It’s an odd one, that’s for sure. Think Twin Peaks meets 90s regional pro wrestling.

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